ZACCY is an American recording artist, photographer & founder of JIGGLYPUNK. He Attended the Harvard Graduate School of Arts & Science, where his studies included Photography, Electronic Music Production, Digital and Interactive Marketing, Social Media Management and Creative Writing.

ZACCY lives in Singapore and Florida with his three Chihuahuas; Isaac, Chip & Godiva.

zaccy used to love you cover artHe has musically cited inspirations from a broad range of genres; Conor Oberst, Imogen Heap, Marilyn Manson, Darren Hayes, P!NK, Erasure, Kathleen Hanna, and Amanda Palmer. His music is available worldwide on virtually all major music platforms; iTunes / Apple Music, Amazon MP3, Spotify, Tidal etc. via Jigglypunk Records.

An avid photographer, ZACCY travels frequently and enjoys both nature & portrait shoots. He is often carrying his Canon 1DX Mark II everywhere he goes. Select prints of his photographs will soon be available for purchase online, and a limited collection may be circulated to galleries at the discretion of the artist. For now, he proudly documents his photographs via Instagram.

Unhappy with the limited options for selling original artist prints and merchandise, he launched the JIGGLYPUNK online store in 2015. As an Independent Artist he wanted to cut out the middle-man and be able to grow a truly unique street style brand, made by and for artists. ZACCY has been vocal about his dissatisfaction with businesses taking advantage of young artists, and intends to grow JIGGLYPUNK organically and in a way that will adequately support it’s designers.

Zaccy has also expressed interest in a broader range of art, from painting to film, and is frequently working on new projects.

Thank-you for supporting Independent Artists.

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