Exploring the Pacific Coast

Exploring the Pacific Coast

What a week. I woke up the other day sick. Then the wi-fi didn’t work at home. Then there was apparently some downed power lines on the way to the office so traffic was backed up literally to the front gate of my community. To top off the morning, as I was searching for info on the traffic, David Bowie had passed away. The day couldn’t get any worse, except my symptoms elevated.

Fast forward and I’m currently in San Francisco California. Recovering from my illness, drinking Theraflu and exploring the coast, all while trying to avoid the news. Alan Rickman has passed away as well and I strive not to be depressed that all my favorite artists are being taken away, as I know it can’t be good for me fighting this bitch of a cold. January is easily becoming the most wicked of months. IMG_2226

To top everything off I have developed an ingrown hair, which may not sound so bad but I assure you it looks and feels like a hooker put out his cigarette on my neck after we had a disagreement on how much money he would be paid. I also assure you that I don’t pay for hookers who smoke cigarettes so this is most definitely the gnarliest ingrown hair ever to disgrace my face – which is why I haven’t posted a single selfie this week.


Now, once upon a time a week like this would’ve been the perfect storm and pushed me into a very unproductive mood. Thankfully I follow the philosophy of Amanda Palmer and try to be a good artist.

IMG_2064With all the sickness and sadness in the world I have tried to find some beautiful things, and I have. I really enjoyed photographing the rocky shores and seeing so many people out with their cameras as well. It was so nice to explore the coast. It was magical. The ocean is so alive here.


IMG_2080 IMG_2154

We stopped quite a few times so I could get a few shots of pretty rocks and things, I’m not very good at mapping out where my photos were taken but I did take note of Pigeon Point Lighthouse. It was very impressive, I’ve always enjoyed photographing the lighthouses on the East Coast and I think this is the first I’ve shot in Cali.


We followed the water down to Pebble Beach; a scenic drive along the water with a few good photo spots in-between the perfectly manicured golf courses. I fell in love with this ugly, old, dead tree perched on it’s cliff. I don’t really think it’s ugly or dead but that’s what my fella called it so those are the adjectives that come to mind when describing it’s haunting silhouette.

They call it the Lone Cypress and I think it’s a misleading name; there are many people photographing it. This not-so-lone tree has lots of handsome men and women posing with it as well. I hope it isn’t lonely. It probably has more friends than me. And, allegedly, more enemies too. This tree was victim to arson. And it has survived for upwards of 250 years. If I had it my way, I’d re-name it the Punk-Rock Cypress.


IMG_2139After exploring (read: driving around lost) Pebble Beach and it’s sprawling golf courses & winding coastline, we roamed the streets of Carmel. It is a charming little place with lots of shopping built into it’s many cottages. If you enjoy art and sculpture or antiques, it is worth a visit; just be prepared to pay some serious $$$ if you want a life-size sculpture of Albert Einstein or something of that nature. (seriously, who buys those things?) I unfortunately didn’t buy anything on this visit, but I did enjoy the ambiance and food.IMG_0034IMG_0025
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