Singapore Zoo

Singapore Zoo

Zoo’s are fucking awesome. You get to see all kinds of things you never thought you would and it’s like sensory overload. A little over a week ago I was browsing Tumblr and I came across an animal I never knew existed. The Red Panda. A majestic/beautiful/youthful mammal that I immediately fell in love with. I took to twitter to voice my admiration of this new discovery.

I didn’t know then, but 7 days later I was face-to-face with this magical creature. Thanks to the Singapore Zoo, I was able to photograph it along with various other creatures. Including it’s more notorious namesake, the GIANT PANDA. I’m so lucky I got to experience these charming beasts. I hope you enjoy my photos, untouched (not because I’m raw like that, but because I’m exhausted and can’t be bothered to edit! ha.) Cheers!



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